How do I get an event placed on the FCS Calendar?


Supporting FCS members can email their requests to Randy Rowley FCS president at randywrowley@gmail.com for consideration.  Reasons for refusal to post include but are not limited to, not having an FCS member who is willing to lead the event and lack of interest in some aspect of the event.  For example, our self-guided hog hunts have been popular and well attended.  However, if a supporting member wants Randy to put a muzzleloader-only self-guided hog hunt on the FCS calendar he would post it as an Any-weapon self-guided hog hunt because to his knowledge only a couple of men in the Club own muzzleloaders.

Agreeing to post an event also depends on the difficulty in planning the event.  For example, if a supporting member wants Randy to put a mule deer hunt in the Panhandle on the calendar then Randy will have to plan the trip (big game hunts are his responsibility).  As he’s never gone on a mule deer hunt it would require extensive planning.  He’ll then have to weigh whether it would be worth 40 or more hours of his already very limited time to plan a trip that probably no more than four guys would go on.  The best way to ensure that an event is placed on the calendar is to also state that you will plan, coordinate, and lead the event.

In order for an event to happen an FCS member must lead it.  If only one FCS member attends he or she must lead the event (a guest cannot lead an event).

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