How the Rotations Work


Hunters and fishermen who want to participate must sign, if they have not already, a lifetime FCS Liability Waiver.  You do not have to be an FCS member to be added to the rotations; however, the Event Hierarchy (pecking order) applies.  Whenever we’re about to have a rotation event the rotation manager will send an email to the people on the particular rotation.  He or she will let everyone know the dates, location, and other details, including a deadline to respond date.

Example (fictional):

The following people are on the Self/semi-guided Hog Hunt Rotation list for the 20XX season:

    1. Tim
    2. Ron
    3. Bob
    4. Roy
    5. Jim
    6. Joe

So, let’s say that Ron, Roy, Jim, and Joe all want to go on a semi-guided hog hunt to Sabinal that has a limit of three hunters.  In this case, Ron, Roy, and Jim would get to go, as they are above Joe in the rotation.  After a hunter goes on a self/semi-guided hog hunt the rotation manager will move him or her to the bottom of the rotation.  So, after the Sabinal trip, the rotation would be revised to the below.

    1. Tim
    2. Bob
    3. Joe
    4. Ron
    5. Roy
    6. Jim

Whenever a hunter asks to join the rotation, the rotation manager will start him or her at the bottom of the list.  If someone who is on the rotation says no, or doesn’t respond, to an offer to go on a trip he or she will never drop in the rotation.  Nor can anyone leapfrog him or her in the rotation.  Just as rotating ensures that everyone on a volleyball team has an opportunity to serve and play by the net, rotating these lists in this manner ensures that everyone eventually will be near the top of the list.

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