How to Pay for Some Events and Some Lodging Fees in Full


Randy Rowley highly recommends that you pay for FCS events in full that require it and Airbnb lodging and some other lodging providers via PayPal.  He’s made over 200 eBay PayPal transactions along with easily that many from other vendors without any problems.  This is not true of checks, which can become lost in the mail or stolen out of someone’s mailbox, which is what happened to some of our 2017 Guided Upland Bird Hunt deposit checks (they were stolen from Mike Schumann’s mailbox).  PayPal is an option for people to join FCS, renew their memberships, or donate on our website.

PayPal: You can pay online on the right side of any page on the FCS website.  Click the “Donate” button below “Donate to FCS (Via PayPal, Or Credit/Debit Card If You Check Out AS A GUEST).”  Enter The Amount Of Your Payment.  There are no transaction fees within the US when you send money from your linked bank account or pay via your PayPal balance.  If you pay via PayPal credit or via a credit or debit card, there is a PayPal fee of 3% plus 0.30 (that they take out automatically).

It’s very easy to open a PayPal account.  Just go to www.paypal.com.  Click “Sign Up” on the top right.  Click “Personal Account” (unless you want to make it a business account).  Fill in the information requested (legal first name, last name, email address, and create a password and confirm it).  Then add the bank account or credit card that you want PayPal to debit purchases from and you’re done.

When paying with PayPal you can choose the “PayPal Credit” option which allows you to pay out purchases over six months at 0% interest (and charges you like a credit card if you don’t pay it out over six months).  Randy uses this option a lot for bigger purchases such as his duck mounts.

You can get a PayPal app for your smartphone that’s even faster than using their website.  Randy guarantees you that once you’ve paid via PayPal a couple of times it will be a lot faster than writing out a check, stuffing it in an envelope, addressing the envelope, putting a stamp on it, and mailing it.  Plus, you’ll save a lot of money by not having to buy stamps.  Because of PayPal and his debit card, Randy now only has to mail one to two checks per year.

Unfortunately, Venmo does not currently offer peer-to-peer donations for non-profits (even though we’re not a non-profit, they still consider us as one).

Check: You can also mail a payment in full check to Randy at 1007 Oak Hollow Dr., Leander, TX 78641.  Make your check out to FCS.  He’ll deposit it and pay the landowner/outfitter/guide or lodge provider via PayPal.  If you make it out to the landowner/outfitter/guide or lodge provider, Randy will notify you so you can send him a corrected check.  You can also give Randy a check whenever you see him.

Randy does not accept cash for deposits and lodging, as he can’t deposit cash remotely like he can checks.

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