Hunting at the Campbell Family Pond


We will hunt either Lakes GrangerStillhouse Hollow (aka Stillhouse)SomervilleBelton, or Waco in their Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) or a local pond.

We also might hunt a pond just east of Austin.  If so, there is a $20/hunter charge and we won’t be using my boat.  We’ll walk a short distance and hunt behind a blind or camo netting or use natural cover.  If we hunt the pond we can take up to five hunters, counting Chris Campbell, the host.

The pond
The outside of the blind
The inside of the blind
The view from the inside of the blind

If we’re hunting a pond bring boots that you don’t mind getting muddy, but waders will not be required.

NOTE: Do not attempt to arrange a hunt with Chris on your own.  To be fair to everyone the pond hunts need to go through me.  If I decide that it won’t over-pressure the ponds, I will first contact Chris.  If he is agreeable to it, I’ll let everyone on the rotation know so the other people on the rotation will have an opportunity to go.  If guys are trying to arrange their own hunts it is bypassing the other guys on the rotation and that’s not fair to them.  It would also contribute to over-pressuring the pond.  If we over-pressure it then it will ultimately result in poor future hunts, as ducks will start to shun the pond.  That’s why good guides have a half dozen or more ponds that they rotate their hunters among.  I have asked Chris to refer any requests to hunt the pond from guys on the FCS Duck Hunt Rotation to me.

In addition, Chris is concerned about guys letting their friends know about the pond and then them starting to contact his family directly.  If you have friends who might want to hunt have them contact me and I’ll add them to the rotation.  If we have people start knocking on his family’s door asking to hunt it will shut the door on this pond and ruin it for everyone.

Not complying with either of the above will result in removal from the rotation.


If we hunt the pond east of Austin, there is a $20/hunter charge.

We’ll stop at Whataburger on the way to the lake/pond and might stop for second breakfast or brunch on the way home.

What to Bring:

Camo or dull non-cloth shotgun case.  If we’re hunting from a boat a floating case is recommended.  Cloth cases during duck hunts at ponds tend to get muddy, so I recommend that they be left in the vehicles.

Camo or dull blind bag, shell bag, vest, or bandoleer.  If we’re hunting from my boat a floating blind bag is recommended.  If your shell bag is bright (e.g., a red HEB shopping bag) you’ll need to hide it well during duck hunts at ponds.

Waders (absolutely essential except on the pond hunts).  Uninsulated breathable waders are recommended for warmer hunts.  Neoprene breathable waders are recommended for colder hunts (if you wear 5mm thick neoprene waders on an early season hunt you might cook yourself).  We don’t put our waders on until we reach the pond, lake, or river (unless you have uninsulated breathable waders).  If we’re hunting a pond bring boots that you don’t mind getting muddy, but waders will not be required.

Bucket, stool, or folding chair for pond hunts.  We’ll hunt from behind a mesh blind, so you won’t be able to see if you sit on the ground.  If we hunt from my boat you’ll not need a bucket, stool, or chair, as my boat has fishing chairs and benches.  However, if we have to hunt from shore (because the cover is too far from shore and my boat will stick out like a sore thumb) we’ll use my boat to ferry us to where we’ll hunt, park it 100 or so yards away, and sit in the cover.  In which case you’ll need a bucket, stool, or chair.


  • Don’t contact Chris Campbell directly and attempt to arrange your own hunts at his family’s pond, which is effectively bypassing others on the rotation.
  • Don’t let your friends know about Chris’s family pond.
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