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I want to buy a mid-range hunting camp tent.  Do you know of any used ones, or can you suggest a couple options and sellers?  Will Amazon or Bass Pro Shops suffice?

Cabela’s sells hunting outfitter/base camp tents that are designed to stay up for weeks.  They’re typically designed for the Alaskan bush and are very expensive – starting at around $1,400.

A cheaper alternative is an army surplus tent (available at Army Surplus Stores – there’s one by McBride’s).  They’re made of heavy canvas and can be left erected for weeks.  Their downsides are their weight and they need to have waterproofing spray applied after rain.  They start at around $800.  Here’s one for $785 – https://www.usmilitarytents.com/Products/MODULAR-COMMAND-POST-SYSTEM-TENT-(MCPS)__MODULAR-spc-COMMAND-spc-POST-spc-SYSTEM-spc-TENT-spc-(MCPS).aspx

For camping tents, we have a Coleman Montana and like it.  Amazon sells 8-person and 6-person versions.  Bass Pro also has a good selection of tents.

I wouldn’t buy a used tent, unless I knew the person well and they’d let me return it if it leaks or is missing parts.

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