FCS Guided Upland Bird Hunts Fitness and Bird Sharing Requirements


FCS guided upland bird hunts require up to four hours of walking while carrying a shotgun, ammo, drinks, dead birds (if the guide’s bag is full), etc.  Hunters quickly getting to a dog on point is essential for success, as upland game birds sometimes run when they detect a dog.  It is also essential for safety, as it’s unwise for a hunter to walk up behind the other hunters when dogs are flushing birds.  Consequently, these hunts are not recommended for hunters who can’t get to a dog on point quickly or keep up with the other hunters.

Note that this is not a shopping trip. Killed birds will be distributed proportionally. For example, if you pay for a six pheasants package and the other two hunters in your group pay for a mixed bird package (that includes two pheasants) and your group kills six pheasants that doesn’t mean that you get to keep six (100% of yours) and they get to keep none (0% of theirs). For such a scenario, you’d get to keep four and they’d get to keep one each. If you can’t share a harvest don’t go!

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