“Pursuing God’s Way: Meeting God In His Creation” is Being Offered at a Discount to FCS Members!


FCS President Randy Rowley is offering his first book “Pursuing God’s Way: Meeting God In His Creation” at a discount to FCS members.  If you’d like a signed book, contact him at randywrowley@gmail.com.  He’ll mail one to you for $10 (1/3 off the Amazon price; shipping and the mailer are $4.09; the total is $14.09).  Many of the 40 devotionals in the book include stories from FCS hunting, fishing, and sport shooting events.  A Kindle edition is in the works.

Writing a book was quite the process.  There’s quite a lot of work involved in addition to the work of writing.  But Randy is looking forward to his next one!

Randy would like to thank Andy Spencer especially – without his guidance and work he’d still be wallowing in the mud!

Randy asks buyers of his book on Amazon to please write an Amazon review after reading it.

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