RSVPing to Event Coordinators


RSVP for events to the event’s Event Coordinator – don’t RSVP to the landowner, outfitter, guide, or another member of the hunting or fishing party!

The event coordinators are usually told dozens of things each day at work.  They also are frequently told numerous things pertaining to FCS.  With the amount of information they receive they will inevitably forget some of it.  Therefore, it’s much better for you to RSVP via email than to text them, call them, or tell them in person (if you do so please follow up with an email).  If you text them be sure to let them know who you are.  Email is still preferred, as they’ll just have to forward your text to their email address, which causes double work for them.

In addition, if we will be hunting under the jurisdiction of a particular entity (such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) we’ll include a link to their website.  From there you can go to the lake’s Recreation page then its Hunting page to see what their rules are (for example).  Please do not ask the event coordinator to look up a Corps rule (for example) for you that you can look up just as easily as he can.

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