Samson Society Men’s Group


Do you have a group of men you can be ‘rot gut honest‘ about your struggles and needs?  All men are fighting against sin in their lives, and many are losing because they don’t have “Traveling Partners” to share the journey, gain encouragement, and biblical support.  Samson Society is a men’s group that supports men in their Christian discipleship and fight against sin, such as isolation, depression, anger, marital issues, sexual temptations and failures, substance abuse, online gaming, and more.  There are two Samson groups in Austin.  One meets at FM 620 & FM 2222 on Thursday nights and the other meets at Wells Branch (North Austin/RR) on Tuesday nights.  If you want to learn more, call FCS member, Mike Hardcastle at 512-423-8710 or visit their website at:  https://sites.google.com/site/samsonnorthaustin/home.

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