Secure Firearms Act to Reduce Gun Violence introduced by Carter, Cuellar



Here is the letter that I, Randy Rowley, sent to Congressman Carter regarding this filed bill:

Congressman Carter,

I understand that the Secure Firearms Act to Reduce Gun Violence will encourage gun owners to secure their firearms in gun safes.  While laudable, I am concerned that this bill could morph from “encourage” to “require.”

I am the president of a 238 member hunting, shooting, and fishing club called The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen (  The vast majority of our members, like me, own less than 10 guns.  We can barely afford the cost of ammo (which is ever increasing), much less new guns.  If we will be forced to buy a gun safe (which start at $2000), even with your bill’s incentives we could not afford one and would have no alternative other than to sell all of our guns.

This would be an “end-run” and effective way of banning guns and eventually gun owners.

Furthermore, an empty gun is as useless as a car that has had its gas pumped out of it every night – it will not serve its intended purpose to protect its owner.  If we are required to lock our guns up then the criminals who kick in our doors to rob, rape, and murder us will have a distinct advantage.  They will not wait to do their evil deeds for a gun owner to get one of his guns out of his safe and load it.  They will use their advantage to the fullest.

So this bill is a potential disaster for gun owners in two ways – it could make it where we cannot afford to store our guns and it could make it where we cannot use our guns to protect ourselves in an emergency.

I have seen many, many bills that started out as one thing and ended up as something entirely different, especially through the amendment process.

Therefore, I must register my strong opposition to this bill.  Not for what it is, but for what it could become.

Randy Rowley


The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen


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