Self-guided Inland Duck and Teal Hunt Rotation


The following people are on the Self-guided Inland Duck and Teal Hunt Rotation (the Event Hierarchy also applies):

  1. Randy Rowley (I always will have Spot # 1 for hunts from my boat, as I am the boat captain)
  2. Raul Pena
  3. Dion Moore
  4. Daryl Moczygemba
  5. Binh Chu
  6. Steve Fusco
  7. Edwin Zamora and his minor son
  8. Mike Pozhenko and his minor son
  9. Rob Peterson
  10. Ragan Brock
  11. Wayne Weilnau
  12. Jeff Cates
  13. Mario Garza
  14. Ian Daniels
  15. Blake Brosig
  16. Jim McGee
  17. Chris Rowley (Chris and Ryan Rowley prefer to go on hunts together)
  18. Ryan Rowley (Ryan and Chris Rowley prefer to go on hunts together)
  19. Chris Campbell
  20. Zack Elmer
  21. Kevin McConnell
  22. Zack Tumlinson
  23. Jonathan Fleming
  24. Ken Miller
  25. Mark Kelton
  26. Jeremy Franks
  27. Colin Jackson
  28. Patrick Kelley
  29. Roy Zengerle
  30. James Carney
  31. Will Voges
  32. Barry Brown
  33. Don Hebert and his minor son
  34. Clayton Carrier
  35. Burl Fulenwider
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