Sharing Fish and Game at FCS Chartered Fishing Trips and Guided Duck and Upland Bird Hunts


For all FCS events, harvests are not guaranteed.

After guided events, the guides usually will clean the fish or game and divide the total number of fish caught or the total number of ducks or upland birds killed by the number of participants to arrive at an equal share.

For example, if on a guided striped bass fishing trip 20 striped bass were caught and there were five fishermen, then each fisherman will receive four bass each (20 bass divided by five fishermen = four bass each). It doesn’t matter if you caught five and another fisherman caught three, you’ll both receive the same amount of fish. It also doesn’t matter if your party of two thinks you should go home with 10 bass (as the limit is five each), which would leave the other three fishermen with only 3.33 each (10 divided by three = 3.33).

Also, guided upland bird hunts are not grocery shopping trips – preferences are not ‘orders’ and are not guaranteed. We’ll provide each hunter’s preference to the upland bird hunt outfitter. For example, if there are four hunters who want to hunt together and one prefers a pheasant package (six pheasants) and the other three prefer a mixed bird package (two pheasants each) that is a preference of 12 pheasants (six + two + two + two = 12).

However, how many pheasants the outfitter puts out will depend on bird availability, and how many pheasants are split among the hunters will depend on how many the hunters killed. If the outfitter only has seven pheasants in his inventory that’s all he’ll be able to put out. Given the above scenario, if the hunters killed all seven pheasants the outfitter would probably divide those seven pheasants proportionally as four + one + one +one, which would give each hunter about half the number of birds he preferred. It doesn’t matter that one hunter preferred six pheasants – he won’t get six pheasants and leave the other three hunters with one pheasant to split among themselves.

Hunters and fishermen who take more than their share of birds or fish at guided and chartered FCS events will not be allowed to participate in future FCS hunting and fishing events.

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