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As you’ve probably seen, we send out bi-monthly emails about our sporting clays shoots at Capital City Clays.  We know that some of you have no experience shooting shotguns at moving targets, but are wanting to learn, and/or don’t have the necessary equipment (e.g., a shotgun).  Don’t let either of those stop you from coming to our shoots.

Our leaders will pair you with experienced shooters who will do their best to teach you the basics of using one of their shotguns – holding, loading, stance, balance, swing, lead, and follow-through.  We’re very patient and are good teachers.

The sport is called sporting clays – not breaking clays.  We offer no guarantees other than we’ll try our best to get you breaking targets.

For more information, see our FCS Sporting Clays Shoots/FCS Open web page.  If you have any questions contact Randy Rowley, FCS president, at randywrowley@gmail.com (his preference) or 512-922-2484.

We hope to see you at Capital Clays!

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