Student Instructor/Student Sporting Clays Shoots


The National Shooting Complex in San Antonio occasionally hosts student sporting clays instructor training.  When they hold such trainings they will be in need of students!

During their last training in September 2020, they had a three-hour time slot on Saturday, 9/26/20 (1:00 – 4:30 PM) and two three-hour time slots on Sunday, 9/27/20 (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM and 1:00 – 4:30 PM).  The cost was $20 per time slot.  Bring 200 shells (8 boxes) per time slot, but you probably won’t shoot nearly that many.

We have done this event 10 times and, with the exception of the September 2020 training (due to not having an experienced onsite leader), have always had a great time.  The cost includes FREE instruction from a student instructor(s) and sometimes a master level instructor(s).  The instructor/student ratio is usually not greater than 1:4.

If you consider that four rounds of sporting clays would cost you $108 at Capitol City Clays (where we have our bi-monthly shoots) and a lesson from an instructor would cost you at least $60/hour then this is an exceedingly good deal!

Historically, we have carpooled and caravanned to the complex.

What to bring:

  • A shotgun (of course).  Most shooters use a 12 gauge, but a 20 gauge is also good.  Most of the targets are close enough for skeet chokes, but IC works fine.  If you don’t have a shotgun some of us will be happy to share our gun with you but let Bruce Crockett know before you arrive.
  • At most eight boxes of shells.  Randy Rowley recommends Winchester Game Loads / Federal Game and Target Loads / Estate Dove Loads / Rio Game Loads / Remington Sure Shot Heavy Dove Loads / Estate Dove and Target Loads.  All of which are sometimes available at Academy, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, etc.  1-1/8 oz. or 1 oz. loads, 1200-1300 FPS, and 7-1/2 shot is preferred (although 8 shot also works).  They sell for $10 – $11.00/box.  All six are great dove/quail loads in addition to being good clay target loads.  If you’re a dove/quail hunter, Randy recommends that you shoot sporting clays with the same load that you use to hunt dove/quail.  This enables you to develop consistent leads for similarly sized targets.
  • A shooting vest, shell pouch, or shooting bag.
  • A cap, shooting glasses or sunglasses, and ear muffs or plugs.
  • Drinks and Snacks are recommended.

RSVP’s are required to Bruce at bmc55@att.net or 512-970-7797.  Also, contact Bruce if you have any questions.

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