Any recommendations for a local Taxidermist? 

See our Service Reviews and Recommendations web page (the categories are in alphabetical order).  I recommend either Hang ’em High Taxidermy near Granger or Top Gun Taxidermy in Davilla (11 miles east of Bartlett), off CR 403 on the north side of Davilla (look for the Top Gun Taxidermy signs).  Hang ’em High’s taxidermist is Dan Michalik.  He did a wood duck for me.  Top Gun’s taxidermist is Lee Lackey.  He did a canvasback and a hooded merganser for me.  Their prices for ducks are the same, but Hang ’em High is closer.
If that’s too far for you to drive, then my next choice is Professional Taxidermy Studio in Cedar Park on FM 1431.  The taxidermist is Dan Lansford.  He did a Catalina goat and a speckled belly goose for me several years ago that have held up well.  The reason that he’s not my first choice is he’s more expensive than Hang ’em High Taxidermy and Top Gun Taxidermy and takes longer.
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