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I noticed this disclaimer while logging in on the Texas OA app today.  Basically they are saying that the app is not a “source of truth” in regards to regulations and users should check the info independently.  Given this disclaimer a game warden might refuse taking info from the app in case of an argument – why would they show the disclaimer otherwise?  Sounds like users should call TPWD to verify any questionable items.

Every other year the Texas legislature meets and passes new legislation.  The governor then signs them into law (statute) and they are usually enacted either immediately or on the following September the 1st.  The Outdoor Annual (OA) does a good job of noting those changes.

However, there are sometimes temporary changes made by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission that the OA might not reflect, such as changes that were made to speckled trout limits after many of them died after the 2021 Snowpocalypse.  But those chances would be noted on their website, which is updated more often than annually (unlike the OA).

The only weather I can think of that could cause a map to change would be heavy rains causing a flood that changed the route of a river, stream, or creek.  But that doesn’t happen very often.

When in doubt, it’s always best to check their website and/or with the local game warden.

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