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FCS hunts upland birds with Mike Schumann usually each February or March at the old Dismukes/Bieberstein Ranch near Dime Box.  They have 900 acres of blackland prairie covered with native grass and short brush, post oak savannah with improved pasture, lightly wooded uplands, and heavily wooded bottomlands – an ideal match for upland birds like quail, pheasants, and chukars.  Mike’s address is 1011 Cr 453, Dime Box, TX 77853.

We had several highly successful hunts with Mike Schumann (see the many hunting reports).  For example, on 2/23/19, eight FCS hunters killed a record 101 birds, including 63 quail, 22 chukars, and 16 pheasants.  And here’s a picture from the 3/3/18 hunt.

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The hunts start at 9:00 AM and end around 3:00 PM (not counting travel time).  As with all ranches in Central Texas, these will be pen raised birds.  The hunts includes:

  • Kids (15 years old & under) hunt FREE with paid adults
  • FREE shooting lessons
  • Sporting clays and bird processing included (lunch not included)
  • Hunting dogs will be provided (if you would like to bring your well-trained (for upland bird hunting) and well-mannered dog, you can if that is OK with the other hunters in your group, but only one or two dogs can come)

Note that these hunts require up to four hours of walking while carrying a shotgun, ammo, drinks, dead birds (if the guide’s bag is full), etc.  Being able to quickly get to a dog that is on point is essential for success, as upland game birds will sometimes run when they detect the dogs.  Consequently, these hunts are not recommended for hunters who aren’t able to get to a dog that is on point quickly.

The Event Hierarchy applies.  We can usually take up to 12 hunters (three groups of four hunters).  RSVPs are required to Randy Rowley at randywrowley@gmail.com (his preference) or 512-922-2484.  Payment in full will be required to Mike by a due date – he accepts PayPal and checks.

You can choose from the following packages:

  • 18 quail
  • 9 chukars
  • 6 pheasants
  • A mix of 6 quail, 3 chukars, and 2 pheasants (a full mixed bag)
  • A mix of 9 quail and 4 chukars
  • A mix of 4 chukars and 3 pheasants
  • A mix of 9 quail and 3 pheasants


  • The guide fees are $275 on weekdays and $300 on weekends.  A $100 deposit will be required by a due date.  Hunters who do not pay the guide fee by the due date will be removed from the list of people who RSVPed for the trip.  We recommend a 20% tip ($55 on weekdays and $60 on weekends), based on the effort, not the results.
  • We’ll split the vehicle gas.  If we take a toll road, because we’re running late, we’ll split that fee.
  • We’ll eat out or get drive-through food.

What to Bring:

  • Texas Hunting license and upland game bird endorsement.  If you bought a super combo license it includes your hunting license and upland bird endorsement.
  • Shotgun.  A 12 gauge piston-operated semi-automatic with a 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch chamber is recommended.  A plug is NOT required for semi-automatics and pumps capable of holding more than two shells in the magazine while hunting upland game birds.
  • Four – five boxes of Remington Shur Shot Heavy Dove Load or equivalent in 8 shot for clay targets, 7 1/2 shot for quail, and 6 shot for chukar and pheasants.  Randy Rowley recommend a box of 8 shot, two boxes of 7 1/2 shot, and a two boxes of 6 shot for a full mixed bag.
  • Blaze orange cap and hunting vest and clothing appropriate for the season.  You never know when it will rain, so bring rain gear.
  • Drinks and snacks (optional; drinks are highly recommended).
  • Shooting glasses or sunglasses (optional but highly recommended).
  • A medium-sized ice chest or bag to take your birds home in.


These hunts are a service to FCS members and guests, but the Event Coordinators/leaders will enforce the following expectations:

  • Follow the guide’s instructions and abide by the FCS Bylaws Regarding Conduct.
  • Pay for your share of vehicle gas.
  • Help when the guide asks you to.
  • Control your dog (if you brought one).
  • Talk quietly (upland birds can hear you and can run away from the noise).
  • Show up.
  • Be on time.
  • Don’t have a pattern of canceling at the last minute.
  • Read the Event Coordinator’s/leaders emails and don’t ask questions that have already been answered in the emails (and you would have known the answers for if you had read the emails).
  • Return the Event Coordinator’s/leader’s phone calls, emails, and/or texts, if he or she asks a question or asks you to acknowledge something.

Contact Randy at the email or phone number listed above if you have any questions.

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