What is the Difference Between a Self-chartered/guided, Semi-guided, and a Chartered/Guided Event


A self-chartered fishing trip or self-guided hunt does not involve a professional guide or a guide fee.

A semi-guided hunt involves a guide, outfitter, or landowner and a hunt fee.  Usually, they just show the hunters were the blinds and cleaning station are and where to dump the guts.

A chartered fishing trip or guided hunt involves a professional guide who fishes/or hunts (as applicable) with his clients.  They involve a guide fee.

For all of the above types of events, we attempt to split the vehicle and boat gas (if applicable; the amount depends on the distance traveled and the number of people sharing the gas), state or county park fees (if applicable), boat launch fees (if applicable), and toll road fees (if applicable).  There is also food, lodging (if applicable), and bait (if applicable) costs.

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