What types of events does FCS host?


FCS hosts dozens of quality and affordable family events year-round throughout the state.  Examples of frequently hosted events include:

  • 24-hour Sporting Clays Shoots
  • Chartered Bay Fishing Trips
  • Chartered Hybrid, Striped, and White Bass Fishing Trips
  • Chartered Largemouth Bass Fishing Trips
  • Family Celebration Banquets
  • FCS Meetings/Dinners
  • FCS Officers Meetings
  • FCS Sporting Clays Shoots
  • Guided Upland Bird (chukar, pheasant, and quail) Hunts
  • Guided Waterfowl (duck and teal) Hunts
  • Ministry Events (dinners)
  • Self-chartered Bay Fishing Trips
  • Self-chartered Freshwater Fishing Trips
  • Self-guided/chartered Blasts and Casts (duck hunts and fishing trips)
  • Self-guided Inland Duck and Teal Hunts
  • Semi-guided Dove Hunts
  • Semi-guided Hog Hunts
  • Sporting Clays Tournaments
  • Student Sporting Clays Shoots

We have hosted many other events, including:

  • 5-stand, Flurry, Skeet, Trap, and Wobble Trap Shoots
  • A Dart (archery) Shoot
  • A Self-guided Varmint (bobcats and coyotes) Hunt
  • A Semi-guided Hog and Sheep Hunt
  • A Texas Hunter Education course
  • A Turkey Shoot (shooting at clay targets – winners were awarded with frozen turkeys)
  • Camping Trips
  • Chartered and Self-chartered Deep-Sea Fishing Trips
  • Guided Goose Hunts
  • Guided Sandhill Cranes Hunts
  • Hunting and Gathering (shopping) Trips
  • Kayaking and Canoeing Trips
  • Laser Tag Games
  • License to Carry (LTC) Classes
  • Nights at the Races (car)
  • Promotions
  • Self-guided Hog Hunts
  • Self-guided Rabbit Hunts
  • Self-guided Sheep Hunts
  • Semi-guided Deer Hunts
  • Shooting (handgun) Classes
  • Shooting Range Shoots
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