Why do different people send me emails about FCS events?  I only want Randy to contact me!


Since 1991 FCS has used a variety of officers to perform the work of the club.  The most that we have had serving at one time is ten and the fewest that we have had was three.  Although Randy Rowley, FCS president, has had and continues to have the most communication with current and future club members by far, our vice presidents and event coordinators also communicate to our members/guests on occasion.

While Randy is flattered that some people think that he should be doing all the communication, the reality is that is not possible for an organization of our size that is run by unpaid volunteers.  Back in 1991, we had the wisdom to develop different jobs because we recognized that one man could not do it all.  This is true now more than ever with over 70 events on our calendar for 2023 and over 360 members.

It is Randy’s goal to continue spreading the work of the club out over more and more people so if he gets hit by a bus the club will continue without a hitch.  Therefore, you will continue to hear from officers other than Randy.

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