Why do some events require an RSVP and payment in advance?


Many outfitters and guides do what they do for a living.  When they book with a party they are possibly turning down other hunters or fishermen who want to hunt or fish on the same day.  To ensure that the party actually does show up, many outfitters and guides require not only an RSVP but also partial or full payment in advance.

Outfitters also will hire/schedule guides based on the size of the party.  For example, if we tell an outfitter that we will have eight duck hunters, for example, he will probably split the group between two guides.  But if two don’t show up then he’s out money because he could have had one guide handle the group of six.  Consequently, many outfitters will charge you for exactly the number of hunters you promised them.  If you tell them that you will have eight hunters and only six show up then they will still charge you for eight.

We have had this happen at least four times and it will happen no more.  So even if the land owner, outfitter, or guide doesn’t require a deposit we require the charter or guide fee to be paid in full as protection for those who do show up (so they don’t have to pay for the spot of someone who canceled at the last minute or didn’t show up).  Fishermen and hunters who do not pay the charter or guide fee by the due date will be removed from the list of people who RSVPed for the trip.  We realize that this might sound harsh, but irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior on the part of a few people has forced us to have to implement this policy.

We realize that not everyone agrees with this philosophy.  That’s fine.  We’ll be happy to give you the land owner(s), outfitter(s), or guide(s) name and contact information and you can schedule your own trip with him or her.

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