Why do your Bylaws and other web pages say that FCS is non-political, yet you have political posts (e.g., opposing gun control, opposing hunting restrictions, etc.) on your website?


FCS is not a political organization.  Politics does nothing to further our primary purpose “to encourage Christian fellowship opportunities for people who like to hunt, shoot, and fish” and only accomplishes division.  When we distributed something political, including political jokes, people sometimes became offended.  We lost a member, came extremely close to losing another member, lost a guest who probably would have joined, and have had a lot of heated words exchanged over politics.  Therefore, on 10/27/05, the active Club members approved added to our Bylaws that FCS is a “non-political” organization.

However, our purpose and Bylaws do not prevent us from encouraging everyone to vote for pro-gun/pro-hunting candidates.  We just won’t name a particular candidate or party.  Nor do they prevent us from letting our members and potential members know of political attacks on hunting, fishing, and guns (if we did not possess guns our opportunities to hunt would be very limited and we would no longer be able to shoot clay or other targets).  Call it self-preservation.

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