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All hunters understand how important it is to respect the nose of a deer.  A change in wind direction could ruin a hunt.
Recently, I found a company that is the answer for any sportsman – check out
ScoutLook is the first and only site that offers a comprehensive look at the exact area you plan to be in.  Other weather forecasts will give the general weather for a specific zip code, but ScoutLook gives you a detailed weather outlook for a specific location down to 3 square miles!
That is just the beginning.  They have a cool idea they call a Scent Cone.  Once you register on the site (at no cost to you), You can pinpoint all of your deer hunting stand locations and place an icon in the exact spot.  Simply save it and ScoutLook does the rest.  You can immediately see what the wind is doing at your stand site.  If that isn’t cool enough, you can also check it to see if there are any changes up to 72 hours!  It will tell you the wind direction and any other wind data that you may find useful.
This is not just for hunters.  Once on the site, you will see five main categories including hunting, fishing, golf, skiing, and what they call outdoor adventure.  Each category is equipped with sub-categories.  For example, if you choose hunting, under the sub categories you will find turkey, waterfowl, elk, predators and of course whitetail deer.  If you need to check out what the weather conditions are for skiing, ScoutLook has an impressive 577 different mountains to choose from!
Probably the coolest feature about this technology is that it is now available as an app for your Android phone or Iphone.
Imagine this…  You are in the woods and suddenly you have found a nice primary scrape or you might locate a hidden food source in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe you have stumbled upon a pig wallow or a well-used deer trail.  You simply grab your phone and “pinpoint” it using their “ScoutMarx” function.  Tap the phone and you can follow a blue dot that will bring you to that exact spot that you were trying to find.  Think about how great that is!  You could be following a blood trail that thins right out and decide to come back in the morning to continue your search.  By using your phone, you can go to the same spot where you left off.  This will alleviate the need to also carry a GPS unit.
Here is the real exciting part!  Once you pinpoint these various locations on your Android phone or Iphone, it will automatically send that information to your computer back at your home.  There you can take your time and review exactly what you have found and where it is in reference to any stands you already have.  You may decide it is time to move a few stands around for a better location!
In a nutshell, is an invaluable tool that you need if you want to tip the scales in your favor in the hunting world.
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