Yierblue 2000 Lumen and Emmmsun 2000 and 1500 Lumen Handheld Rechargeable Waterproof Floating Spotlights by Randy Rowley


As you know, I do a lot of early morning fishing trips and duck hunts from my boat, so it’s paramount to have reliable spotlights that are bright, waterproof, and float.  The problem with a corded spotlight such as Q-beam’s is they often spark when you plug them into an outlet that is wet (as is often the case in boats), which also can cause them to not work or stop working.

I won’t have to worry about that with the lights made by Yierblue and Emmmsun, which has 2000 Lumen and 1500 Lumen versions.  I also own a Stanley waterproof, floating, compact Fatmax lumen 520 Lumen spotlight, but it’s not very bright.  The Yierblue is almost four times brighter than the Stanley.  The Emmmsun 2000 Lumen is almost four times brighter and the Emmmsun 1500 Lumen is almost three times brighter than the Stanley.

I also like the Yierblue’s and Emmsun’s USB ports and trigger-lock features – they were well thought out.  They’re also compact, which boat owners will appreciate, especially one’s like me who don’t have much storage space.  The Yierblue and Emmmsun spotlights come with detachable red light filters, built-in pop-up stands, and wrist straps.  Best of all, they come with lifetime warranties.

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