1/25/20 State of the Club Report


2019 was a good year for the club.  If we had not secured the Bartlett season dove lease the 32 people on the lease probably would have gone on at least one of our day dove hunts, which would have increased our total attendance substantially.  Highlights include:

  • Our attendance was 456 people, which was 22 fewer people than last year, and our eighth best.
  • We had 76 events, which tied our record.  This was 12 events fewer than the 88 that we planned.

For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics page.

Category Summary
Category Number
Shoots 34
Hunts 19
Fishing Trips 13
Meetings 7
Banquet 1
Ministry Event 1
LTC Class 1
Total 76
  • We averaged 6.00 attendees per event, which was our 31st best.  This is not a significant concern.  I took people on 13 events in my boat (nine self-chartered bass fishing trips and four self-guided duck hunts).  As the most people that I can fit in my boat is four, counting me, those trips contributed to making our overall average low.  As did the nine self-guided duck hunts on a pond Southeast of Austin, where we can take at most five hunters.  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics page.
  • We had record attendance at our Chartered Striped/Hybrid Bass Fishing Trip (16 participants on 5/6/19; our old record was 11) and at a Self-guided Duck Hunt (six participants on 12/21/19; our old record was five).  A Sporting Clays Tournament tied our record (seven participants).  Two Self-chartered Bass Fishing Trips tied our record (four participants – 5/27/19 and 5/25/19).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics and Attendance pages.  Also, see our Records page (there is not a year-by-year comparison).
  • Our Bay Fishing Trips category set a new record with 26 participants (our old record was 15).  Our Duck Hunt category attendance tied the record of 62 participants.  Our Upland Bird (Pheasant, Chukar, and Quail) Hunt category was our second-best (12 participants; the record is 16).  Our Freshwater Fishing Trip category attendance tied our second best with 46 participants (our record is 56).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Events Statistics and Attendance pages.
  • During Fiscal Year 2019 (9/1/18 – 8/31/19) we took in $1741.91 in membership dues which is for single and multiple year renewals of 2, 3, and 5 years.  Allocated 2018 – 2019 membership revenue is $1142.05.  We spent $1114.33, for a net gain of $6.12.  For the ministry fund, which is based entirely on donations, we took in $565.58 and spent $282.3, for a net gain of $283.28.  For a year-by-year comparison, see our Finances web page.
  • We had 10 people join the club (tying our ninth-best; the record is 32).  For a year-by-year comparison, see our New Members page.
  • We had 30 members renew their memberships (our fifth best; the record is 52 since we have been keeping records in this category).  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2006), see our Membership Renewals page.
  • We ended the year with 67 supporting members (our second best; the record is 81 since we have been keeping records in this category).  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2002), see our Supporting Members Summary page.
  • We had 29 first time guests (our tenth best; the record is 50 since we have been keeping records in this category).  For a year-by-year comparison (since 2002), see our First Time Guests page.

We have 74 events planned for 2020.  See our Calendar and Upcoming Events page for details, including the list of which officers will oversee which events for 2020.

I’m sad that Event Coordinators Art Barrera and Michael Armstrong decided to take a break from serving as officers.  Both men served from 2016 to 2020.

I’m excited to welcome Binh Chu and Steve Fusco, who will both serve as Event Coordinators.  Binh will coordinate our annual Banquet and Ministry Event (Wild Game Dinner) and Steve will coordinate our Upland Bird Hunts.

I’ll be happy to turn over the coordination of our annual Self-guided Hog Hunt to another supporting member.  If you are interested in coordinating this event please let me know.  I’ll also be happy for someone to take over the Membership Director and Secretary jobs from me.  For their job descriptions see the following section of the Bylaws – IV. Officers.  Many hands make light work.

Hunting His way,

Randy Rowley


The Fellowship of Christian Sportsmen

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